Pamphlet distribution is the proven medium used to reach your particular target market directly. Many advertisers realize the benefits and make use of the advantages of direct distribution.

You need to advertise your products and services to introduce your business to people. This is true for the retail store and the shopping mall, the bank and the insurance company; in fact, any business wanting to effectively reach its potential clients.

Not everybody is in the privileged position to have access to all modern-day platforms, however, reach your client at his home. This is the best way to reach Southern Africa’s emerging and developing market effectively.

With pamphlets, you know your message is going when you intended it to and you can monitor your campaign as it progresses in your chosen areas. Moreover, a pamphlet delivered at home does not have to compete with a vast number of your competitors’ advertisements as is often the case in the other mediums.

There are no limitations getting your message to your clients.